Brillante Award, Quote Disappearances & Lack of New Entries

Hi everyone! First off it appears that I have some apologizing to do. Some who know me best might just claim apologizing is a difficult thing for me to do….and a very rare thing for me to do. You see, I’m almost never wrong, hello! ;) Well that aside, I must apologize for the annoyance and/or disgruntlement that I have potentially caused with the posting of the “Brillante Award“. According to others, this award is in fact a fake and was originally intended to be a chain letter of sorts. The information regarding the hoax can be seen here.

Personally, my brain never quite wrapped around the idea of an award being passed along, especially not with the odd number of 7 nominees being required. But, I thought it was awesome to be thought so highly of by a dear fellow blogger (Innocent Primate) and that was what mattered most to me. Sure it was difficult for me to choose 7 people to nominate, but I chose them carefully. I felt that nominating these individual blogs was my personal endorsement of that blog, and I was not going to take that half heartily! I understand that some individuals have become upset by this “hoax” but I truly hold no ill-will towards it. I see this whole situation as merely opening up my eyes to many many different blogs that I did not even know existed! Hopefully, whether the chain letter award upset you or not, you have discovered a new blog or two to read. Afterall, there truly was no harm done, at least not in the vegan blog world (I cannot account for other blog “worlds”) other than everyone’s expansion of reading material–how hurtful could that be?? Well if you dislike reading, recipes, blogs or veganism I’m sure it would be just downright awful. But serves you right for not liking those things! Jeez! :)

On for further apologies! *sigh* This is painful…oh so painful! Turns out that my idea of saving numerous quotes for wordpress to automatically post at a time I specified did not work. Perhaps it is my lack of the inner workings of the wordpress gods but the multiple quotes all raring to go for everyone have yet to see “daylight”. I’m working on what the problem is and will hopefully be posting a brand spankin’ new quote right after this apology session. Yes, I’m calling this an apology session now….I’ll take it as some much needed therapy and move on! Never to apologize again! Maybe….

Why no new posts? It was the weekend afterall! How busy could one be? Slacker! Say what you will, but I was either busy, avoiding being home due to obnoxious/loud neighbors or just plain tired from the heat! But hopefully I will be bringing many new recipes, photos, ideas etc etc to you soon. The posts will include such goodies as: Watermelon Sorbet review, Double-Chocolate Ice cream review, Agave Mustard Tofu, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Homemade Ice Cream…..oh I have you drooling now!! ;) Many more ideas wandering around in my head as well….we perhaps shall learn of them together :) Oh and I will FINALLY do my About page at some point as well!

I cannot wait to share with everyone my boyfriend and I’s ceramic fun we had over the weekend! We went to a paint your own ceramics place here in Denver and had a blast! We are currently waiting for the items to be fired by the store but next weekend we will have such goodies as: dog treat canister, multiple hot plates and a serving bowl for football parties (its a football!). I will have photos galore during the weekend for these pieces of art but I did want to share the adorable concept my boyfriend came up with! He decided to make a hot plate for me and he put a cow on it (adorable!). He then proceeded to write Besse (the cow apparently lol) *heart* (surrounding the cow) Vegans! Freakin’ adorable! Can’t wait to show you! I also painted a hot place on which I drew a rooster, pig, dog and a cat. I then proceeded to put my own quote: “So similar yet treated so differently. Why?” I would have made it more profound but I only had so much room! We then went paddle boating sunday afternoon, so my weekend was jam packed!

Again…I’m SORRY SORRY SORRY. Hey, take the sorrys while you can get them I say ;)

P.S. I find it is almost worth it to bring myself to apologize just so I could use that adorable little “sorry puppy”!!! ;)

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  1. Joni said,

    July 28, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Nikki…I was very honored that you nominated me :) I love to spread the word about blogs, and am honored that you thought of me. Thanks.

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